Products and Services.

We build and support your I.T. Infrastructures


We consult on your business needs.  Analyse your business requirements.  From your specifications, we design and build the prototype.  At all times, working with user groups to ensure their participation.

Define and test before deployment.  Train and support user groups and ensure that the desired objectives are being achieved. Carry out audit and reviews at regular intervals


Provisioning means that your infrastructures can cater for your business and customers needs.  Information Technology will help you to plan ahead and work smartly. Your systems can handle many of your operations while you are busy looking at the more strategic matters and outperforming your competitors.


You can do more with less, and that is the reason for employing Information Technology.  You do not need to have the sophisticated skill and training of I.T. professionals, we are here to serve you. We employ Information Technology resources to reduce costs, spaces, and get goods and services delivered to the end consumer in the most efficient time and manner.


You can achieve competitive advantage through information systems infrastructures. You do not need those big offices and warehouses to buy and sell.  Your cost of production, services and sales are maximized through IT deployment. The ecommerce and other intelligent campaigns will do the tricks. Remember that your website, social media will do most of your campaign with minimal costs.

Complete Project Packages


We work with you from the start to plan your system to align it with your corporate objectives.


Having analysed your system, we design it for you to your standard and test to meet that desired corporative objectives.


Now is the time to test, refine or prototype your system to ensure that your system is fit for purpose.


This is the time to build the final system and ensure that it is doing what it is expected to do, and finally deploy the system.

Other Packages 

SEO & Analytics Package

We help you to be more visible in the world wide web and improve your ranking.  Business and success are all about visibility, communication and more importantly marketing and ability.  The system will bring your business to the limelight. Great campaign but without much but with less financial outlay.

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Build A Subscriber Base

We design, test and build membership subscription systems including payment systems for your organisation.  Content Management Systems to manage virtually all aspect of your organisation.  We will be there for you and, at the same time, give you the necessary training to be able to manage it when we are not there.

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Website Re-platform or Migration

We design, build and deploy your websites and our services do not end there.  We also migrate, move or redeploy your websites to other hosts, redesign and improve them.  We make those visions and dreams to come alive, manage them for you and train you to do the basic things which you can do to save costs.

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Build an Online Campaign

We build your online campaign using business intelligence to feed, market and advertise your campaign.  We integrate your marketing and adverting funnels automatically with data warehousing to run your campaign.  We employ information systems management systems to give you competitive advantage.

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